30 DIY Gardening Hacks That Will Assist You This Season

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I am usually one of the last ones in the area to get my garden in. There are various reasons for this, one being getting the garden tilled.

I don’t mind. My best gardens have all been planted in June. In South Dakota it takes awhile for the ground to warm up. This year is no exception. My future plans will be building raised beds to extend my growing season.

Today I want to share some super simple gardening hacks — like homemade fertilizer to stretch your dollars on things you already use and keeping pests away with egg shells. This will make it easy for first time gardeners.

What does a garden teach you?

There must be a foundation from which to build from and once it is set, there must be tools to maintain it and to increase ones’ yield. Start something beautiful. Get growing!

30 DIY Gardening Hacks
30 DIY Gardening Hacks

Thank you for stopping by. Make gardening your passion!



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