An Easy Way To Get Through The Day!

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Did You Know?

The most we can remember at the same time are

3 Things

whether they are

 To Dos, To Call, To Plan.

    After that the brain goes into power saving mode.

Sometimes you can remember 4 Things. 

Have you ever really given much thought to the United States Phone Number?  There are 3 parts with groups of 3 digits in the first 2 parts. The last part is 4 digits.

How I Applied This Concept To My System

First, some history. Back in 1985 I began my outside sales career selling pagers or beepers. Remember them? In order to get good with my job I had to get good with phone numbers.  I only had to remember 1 area code. When we issued the phone numbers we would have a prefix that was the same as we issued numbers out individually. Therefore once I memorized the first 2 parts of the phone number, all I had to do is memorize 4 digits. Not only did I remember them but what was easy is the numbers would be handed out in sequential  order.

The following poster is the System set up in Quadrants where each one we spend a certain amount of time in.



What Happens When This Routine Gets Out Of Sync?

Deal with it 3 things at a time!  Don’t let any  daily habits go undone beyond 3 days.  Weekly habits stay under the  3 week umbrella. Monthly Events 3 months

Finally, do not let Laundry build up past 3 loads.

I want you to take time to think of this method.  Your brain will thank you.  You will still get as much done without the stress of having to remember everything.  At this writing session it is morning.  All I have had to concentrate on was:

1.  Getting Dressed To Shoes

2.  Swish & Swipe

3.  What’s For Dinner?

After lunch, I will begin:

4.  Load Of Laundry

5.  Declutter Something/Anything

6.  Make Dinner Early

By doing this you will have enough energy left to:

7.  Shine Your Sink

8.  Lay Out Clothes

9.  Have Launch Pad Ready

You could actually have all of that done by 9 pm.  Then the rest of the time you can do whatever you like.  BUT if you get out of sync like we all do at one time or another remember the power of 3 with the :

3 Day/3 Week/3 Month/3 Load Limit

It Is The ‘Cushion’ You Have Been Looking For!

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It has been working for me for over 5 years and evolved over this time period.

Today I am sharing it with you!

I would love to hear what you think of this theory!  Please Comment.  Thank You.

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2 thoughts on “An Easy Way To Get Through The Day!

    1. Thank You! As fast paced as life is, many are more interested in a simple straightforward way to go about your day. Sure, it would be great to get the extras done and can be when have time. Not enough of just the basics turned into habits are talked about. Thank you for commenting!

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