Eating One Frog A Day The Flylady Way

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This is my first post.  One of the flybaby members started a post called Eating One Frog A Day.  For example she said her frog was filling out some insurance papers she had been putting off.  Well this is my frog that I am eating today!  I have no idea what will become of it except I am going to keep eating a frog a day until this develops for me and I hope you will follow me along the way!

For anyone that doesn’t know who The Flylady is, wait no more!  She is the biggest thing in online coaching for all your home and organization needs!  The best cheerleaders of this group I found have been on Facebook Page.  I have been flying since 2005.  I figure if I have been thinking about Flylady in any shape or form, I consider it flying.  Some will say fluttering and that is perfectly ok if it works for you.  Personally it didn’t for me.  It somehow gave me an out and that was probably the March Habit that I have had so much trouble with these past 5 years.  It is “Getting Dressed To Shoes”  Today is Day 38 and I thank this habit and now a new habit called “Eating a Frog a Day” thanks to Flybaby Candy Rougie  Why?  Because this blog named “The Flylady Way” has been created simply because I was willing to “Eat One Frog Today!”  Seriously, I have eaten frog legs in a restaurant once and they seem to taste like a blend of fish and chicken. Thank you all flybabies for giving me the courage to start this journey.

I am finding the Flylady Principles can be used in so many areas of one’s life and in this blog I intend to show you by sharing other interests of mine.  Gardening is something I have learned to love.  It wasn’t any fun when I was a kid and my mom said go weed the garden.  I thought yuck!  I couldn’t see the big picture of babystepping, discipline, admiration to name a few.  Our moms had the wisdom we had not yet found.  That’s what Flylady has done for so many of us, is shared her wisdom with us and if we step out into faith or eat one frog a day and just try some of the things Flylady talks about I know we will make this a better world! 
Keep Flying!

4 thoughts on “Eating One Frog A Day The Flylady Way

  1. Hi Marilyn! You did it! A blog! Great 🙂

    As you know, I love FlyLady too. Thanks to her, I am such an optimist now and I truly enjoy life. My perfectionism has gone. Well, on most days, that is. And my house? Well, it’s still a mess sometimes, but thanks to FlyLady I don’t care. I do the things I love and I don’t obsess about anything anymore.

    Keep up the good work!

    Life with FlyLady

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