Fibromyalgia And Spoons Oh My!

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I live with fibromyalgia.  I was diagnosed in 1989 after a bad car accident, contracting pneumonia, and getting bitten by a brown recluse spider all separate events prior.  I am ready to open up and share my experience with you now that I have some knowledge and experience in this area and to show ones that also suffer from this illness you too can have a peaceful uncluttered home.  Look for posts in the upcoming months as I continue my journey of ‘Blogging For Real’ making it easy for you to stop by for a visit.

Currently, I am looking for someone to help me make my blog be the hub of all my social media I am in.  Writing I love.  Techy stuff exhausts me and I am still learning how many spoons I can use each day adapted by The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino.  She coined the phrase, “If you have a chronic illness, you are a Spoonie.”

April Fool’s Day I will be starting (it is not a joke!) a month long series called The Great Declutter Your Kitchen And Organize Your Pantry Event.  I have this event twice a year with the other month being in August so join me and do your best.  Just know what doesn’t get done you will have the opportunity to focus on the event again in August.

I am not sure how far I will get in April with this event.  I know I will be cleaning my spoons off and hoping to find out how many spoons I can use each day to continue keeping my home company ready according to my personal definition.  We each are individuals and taking care of ourselves and our home is a personal journey.  Come join me and see what you can do to help you get meals on the table by participating in The Great Declutter Your Kitchen And Organize Your Pantry Event beginning April Fool’s Day.

Dance Till You FLY! mw

Fibromyalgia And Spoons

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