Inheriting A Weigela Shrub

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Timing Is Everything!

I knew I was inheriting a Weigela. I just didn’t know when. The church I belong to decided to remove the bushes simply because of the maintenance issue.  One of the shrubs is a weigela. Every spring I admire it and had placed it on my ‘wish list’. I was intending to buy one but if I can get one that is also ‘Blessed’, why not?

The lawn maintenance is done by church members.  This means after work or farm chores are done. Last night around 7 PM they came in to remove the shrubs. I was up to my neck in fertilizing my tomatoes and peppers in my vegetable garden.

I also had other projects going that needed to be followed through. I placed the weigela in a bucket of water until I was through.

A couple hours later I was finished. I knew I had to get the shrub into the ground before I went to bed but I needed a break! It was already dark and I knew I would have to be planting it by a trouble light. So I took an hour break.

*Before I go any further let me clarify something. Yes I live with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis with a disc degeneration in my back.  I am disabled and cannot work a regular 40 hour job. It doesn’t however keep me from not doing anything.

*Gardening is a love of mine. It keeps my mind off of the daily pain I experience by redirecting my thoughts on gardening resulting in beauty. Who doesn’t love beauty? I have been called a ‘work horse’ and I do love to be involved in things. What you don’t hear in my writing all the breaks I have to take during the day. I have to decide on the number of spoons and the size of them. I don’t always get it right and end up paying for it.

Planting My Weigela By A Trouble Light

I ended up taking an hour and a half break before I was going to attack this project. It was around midnight. I have a trouble light and knew I was planting it near my home so I had electricity to use. Note: I am sure glad I live in a small town! I didn’t have to explain to an officer that I wasn’t digging a hole to bury a body! I just had to get this shrub in if I wanted to save it.

The ground was rock hard. In order to get this done at I watered it down. It made digging with my potato fork easier but I created another problem – MUD! The following are my steps to create a new home for the weigela shrub…

Finding the best place.
Finding the best place.
Let the digging begin!
Let the digging begin!
Look at the size of those roots!
An hour later I was able to place the weigela shrub into it’s new home and give it a good watering.
These flowers are why I fell in love with this shrub.
If you think it was an easy job, I am telling you it wasn’t. I fought the clay dirt that turned to mud. No leg squats in the gym for me! I was getting plenty of exercise carrying all the extra mud. Wearing my rubbers over my lace up shoes helped me get the job done easier.
Looks like it didn’t experience much transplant shock by looking at it this morning.
This is the general area I planted the shrub. As you can see another project going on in the background. I decided to add to my fence another 8 feet. Got that done this morning. Will have a blog about that soon.

Am I gardening like the experts would want you  to? Probably not. When I decided to get back into gardening I decided I was going to let go of ‘Perfectionism and Procrastination’. This is the reason I call my blog/website ‘Marilyn’s Way To Home & Garden’.  What this really means is learn to garden ‘Your Way’.  Sure you will have some hits and misses. Isn’t that what life is all about? Go ahead, do it your way and enjoy yourself!



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