‘Just 15 Minutes’

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My mom and I were invited over for Sunday dinner at my brother’s and his wife.  There were three surprises just waiting for me.  They each had a name Logan, Chayse and Zayden!  You see these are my great nephews and recently Chayse and Zayden had moved away and we had not seen them for awhile.  They are spending some time with Grandma and Papa.  The big kid that I am had to start playing hide and seek.  How long did we do this? ‘Just15 minutes.  Can you believe it satisfied them?  

The next thing we had to do is play bowling on my cell phone.  Logan and I play all the time.  Chayse and Zayden hadn’t.  There was who was going to play first with me and negotiations kids style were underway.  Then I asked Logan who I have spent the most time with what I always say to him about me.  He said, “You’re Tough, But Fair.” and the other two remembered me saying that before and therefore had to repeat it.  How was I going to decide who bowled with me first?  It was the magic quarter.  Whoever got heads was the first one to play.  There was some serious thinking going on, but eventually accepted.  How long did it take for me to play bowling with the three boys?  Just 15 minutes.

The last game we played was ‘Go Fish.’  We got Grandma Sue and Great Grandma Joyce involved.  Logan won the most.  Then he said, “Sometimes you win.  Sometimes you lose.”  Guess how long this game took with each boy getting to play?  Just 15 minutes.

What have you learned?  I will tell you what I did.  I knew three rambunctious boys wanted to play with me.  I was only use to playing with one.  How was I going to make it through the afternoon?  Using what I have learned to be effective when I take care of my home.  That is focus on a task for ‘Just 15 Minutes.’

I have found I can do three ‘Just 15 Minutes’ in a row.  That is 45 minutes.  If I would have looked at playing with the boys for 45 minutes I don’t think I would have been able to do it.  That is the same thing with FLYing while you take care of your home.  Take three tasks giving them each ‘Just 15 Minutes.’  Make the three tasks a variety.  Before you know it you will always be 45 minutes away from having your home company ready.  That is because you practice nine habits each day every day.  Sometimes you have to be tough with yourself and practice the nines each day whether you want to or not.  The thing is that the nines are fair.  They are habits that take care of yourself and your home.  This allows you to have some fun time with your children by spending ‘Just 15 Minutes’ of quality time with them.  That is all they are asking of you.  Fit these ‘Just 15 Minutes’ into your day with them and I promise you it will be a win/win situation that will allow you to take care of your home stress free.  Isn’t that what we are all seeking?
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