Is Your Laundry Out Of Control?

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During the beginning of the gardening season my dirty clothes pile up. It seems for me Why Does The Laundry Pile Up? during the first part of the gardening season my reason is simply this… where my washer and dryer are located also serves as a place to put my gardening supplies and projects that require tools.

You might say that is just an excuse and normally I would say you are right. I do have a logical explanation for this. It is… my dryer door swings the wrong way making it difficult to slip some clothes in and take out.

We All Want An Easy Way To Do Laundry

Many times the piles of clothes on our bedroom floor aren’t really dirty. We just didn’t hang them up to put away. Time moves on, they somehow slip off the chair and make it to the floor getting  wrinkled so easier to just wash again.

The Following Is A List Of Average Number Of Times To Wear Something Before Washing…

  • Bras: After three to four wears.
  • Underwear: After every wear.
  • Socks and stockings: After every wear.
  • Sportswear and swimwear: After every wear.
  • Jeans: Five to six wears. Although there are some that advocate washing as little as possible. In fact, the director of brand concepts and special projects for LeviStrauss & Co. washes his once every six months.
  • Tops: One to two wears.
  • Dresses: One to two wears.
  • Leggings: One to two wears.
  • Pants, skirts, and shorts: Three to four wears.
  • Jackets and blazers: Five to six wears.
  • Coats: Once every two months of wear.
  • PJs: Three to four wears.

Of course, this guide doesn’t apply to the days when excessive sweating or accidental spills happen, and to those who have different hygiene preferences.

In Conclusion,

If you have ever wondered what the general guide was, the above is your answer. Instead of having to go through the 5 step process of laundry, wouldn’t it be much easier if we would just hang them back up when we are done wearing it? Especially if it isn’t dirty!



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