Shining Your Sink

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One of the first things Flylady taught me is before I cook, start with a sink full of hot soapy water. This is the beginning of the cooking stage. If you keep your sink shiny, it will be a breeze. You will be able to wash as you cook. No more dishes laying around with baked on food. It comes right off.

Have you ever figured out how many tasks involve using the sink? The obvious is washing dishes. But what about those accidental spills that happen? Will you run to your kitchen sink to get a rag to go back and clean it up quickly if you have a load of dirty dishes that have been sitting there a day or two? I think not. Then what happens? You try to clean it up with some paper towels. Where do you go? You go to the sink area of your kitchen. What? Someone forgot to fill the Paper Towel holder again? Maybe you are storing it in the wrong place. In the meantime you still have the spill to deal with. What is happening? You are getting frustrated and now it seems harder than before. When you do finally get the mess cleaned up, what are you going to do? You will wash your hands. Where will that be? Will it be a shiny one or one full of dirty dishes?

If you can commit to keeping your sink shiny for 31 days, chances are day 32 you will too. During this challenge to yourself, think about all the ways you use your kitchen sink and think how your life may be. Make the sink area a pleasant place to be. Put a plant by the sink or something that brings you joy. Not all days will you be happy to shine your sink. I have had them myself. I still do it because I have learned the importance of keeping my sink shined. I just finished making dinner, the dishes are put away. All that is left is to wipe down the counters. Normally I would do that right away but today I had an AHA Moment that I wanted to share with you. You will not be happy all the time when you shine your sink but you will be most of the time as you see your reflection smiling back at you. Shine Your Sink!
Keep Flying!

 Start with Hot Soap Water

 Get your supplies together to cook.
There is your hot soap water just waiting to help you clean as you cook. 
Having the tools nearby to help you get back to your “shiny sink” when you are through helps too!

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