Garden Fresh Vegetable Soup

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I love this time of year when I can throw together a fresh vegetable soup that come right out of my garden. I really don’t have a recipe. I just start chopping!

There is one thing I do different. In order to enhance the flavor of the soup, I like to dice up onions, peppers, garlic and celery and then saute them first in olive oil.

soup and trixie 001 Saute the onions, peppers, garlic and celery in olive oil.

soup and trixie 002 Blanch the fresh tomatoes until the skin cracks and then immerse them in cold water to make the skins easy to peel.

soup and trixie 003 Pour 2 boxes of chicken broth plus 2 water. Add seasoning of your choice.soup and trixie 006It is so fun to just walk outside to my garden to pick the ingredients for this great tasting and filling soup!

vegetable soup 002Let it simmer until done.


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